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This Area includes free content for you to experience the Flamenco Facile System through the study of one of the many flamenco guitar techniques: the alzapúa.

It also contains "Technique pills", a section with various tutorials that will increase over time and offers you the possibility to request another free content of your choice.


N.B. Flamenco Facile is a Community: in addition to the pleasure of getting to know each other and exchanging ideas online, we organize live events, such as Master Classes, seminars and concerts.

If you like this idea, you can open a free account and receive information and updates via Whatsapp and email; you can also take advantage of promotional discounts on online lessons and seminar registrations.


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1) when you open your account, add the sender "Flamenco Facile" to your address book;

2) read emails carefully: it's VERY IMPORTANT;

3) the contents are all already available to you: follow the Steps in the pre-established order;

4) N.B. You can download the English text and translate it into your language.

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