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In this Area you will find free content (video tutorials, sheet music, instructions and audio files) to start studying the alzapúa, one of the most exciting techniques of the flamenco guitar.

The Area also contains "Technical Pills", a section dedicated to other topics that will be explored in the complete course reserved for Effective Members.

By following this path, you will have the opportunity to experience the "Flamenco Facile" System.


N.B. The first video is available immediately; if you like it and want to continue with the following lessons, just open a free account via the link above or here.

Registration does not imply any commitment on your part.

The access credentials are valid for 7 days, during which you have the possibility to watch the videos without time limits, download the attachments and evaluate whether the next path in the Effective Members Area is right for you.

N.B. Flamenco Facile is a Community: in addition to the pleasure of getting to know each other and exchanging ideas online, live events are organised, such as Master Classes, seminars and concerts.


To be sure of the results, follow the next tips ⬇️

1) when you open your account, add the sender "Flamenco Facile" to your address book;

2) read emails carefully: it's VERY IMPORTANT;

3) follow the Steps in the pre-established order;

4) N.B. You can download the English text and translate it into your language.

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