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    In this video you can start studying one of the most amazing techniques of the flamenco guitar: the alzapúa.

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  • 3 videos with 6 tutorials to learn the technique of the alzapúa;
  • 6 music sheets in PDF with fingerings and detailed indications of the relative exercises;
  • 6 detailed PDF instructions to perform the exercises;
  • 6 audio tracks of performing exercises at normal speed;
  • 6 audio tracks of performing exercises at reduced speed;
  • Free Member Bonus, a surprise dedicated exclusively to you;
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Hi, I'm Lucio Pozone,

musician and composer, founder of the FlamenTangoProject and creator of the Flamenco Facile System.

In this project, I help guitarists to learn, with clearness and simplicity, flamenco guitar techniques  thanks to which they will reach unexpected levels that will allow them, not only to play typical Andalusian music, but also to improve the execution of classical repertoires or other musical genres;

You will be able to understand the rhythms of flamenco, to know its history and styles in order to avoid the mistakes that I, without a guide, made many years ago.