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Through this page you have the possibility to book:

1) 5 online lessons lasting 60 'combined with the End Step Checks (option reserved exclusively for Gold Level Effective Members of Flamenco Facile in compliance with the plan of the Study Program);

2) paid online lessons lasting 60' (for Effective Members and for external).


Price list of paid lessons (the red price in brackets is reserved for Effective Members):

A) 1 lesson: € 50,00 (E.M. € 40,00);

B) 2 FORTNIGHTLY lessons: € 90,00 (E.M. € 70,00);

C) 4 WEEKLY lessons: € 160,00 (E.M. € 120,00).

For customized packages contact me on info@lucio-pozone.it



Lessons are reserved for guitarists who can read music (basic level).

Select the lesson or package you want from the drop-down menu below, book the dates and times in the calendar and enter the required data in the form.

The lessons combined with the End Step Checks (reserved exclusively for Gold Level Effective Members) will be carried out only and exclusively upon completion of each Step envisaged by the program, at least 4 weeks apart and within 6 months of enrolment or by level change.

In the lessons combined with the End Step Checks, topics related to the reference Step will be covered.

Once the reservation is made, you will receive an email with the confirmation and the instructions to organize the video call and the payment in the case of extra Checks lessons.

In case of impediments, a notice of at least one day prior to the date of the meeting is required, both by the teacher and by the student.

Lessons skipped due to the student's impediment and with regular notice of one day before, can be made up no later than 3 days later.

In case of lack of notice or exceeding the 3-day recovery period, the lesson will be considered as having taken place and no refund will be made to the student.

In case of impediment by the teacher, the recovery of the lesson within 3 days is also foreseen or, alternatively, the refund of the same.

In case of illness of the student or teacher, new dates will be agreed.

N.B. For organizational reasons I ask you to book at least two days in advance and to respect the appointments.

I can speak in Italian, English or Spanish.


Technical requirements:

an adequate connection is required for the video lesson; five minutes before class starts you will be sent a Google Meet link.

Select the date and time of your online lessons

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